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some one with both fully functioning testicles
despite what people might believe
wow that guy was amazing in bed

yeah total dylan
by jiommycrickesh March 09, 2010
"Dylan" is a Latin term for beast in bed. The best way to define his penis size would be to compare it to a stretch limo. Dylan is a straight OG; you may see him downtown with an all green suit and a pimp stick hittin' up 7 ladies at one time. Every guy should fear a man named Dylan, as he's probably slammed their girlfriend and their mom...twice. Words can't explain how a man named Dylan can get so much pussy without even using Axe body spray. Oh, he's also very good with his tongue.
1: "Hey, do you know that Dylan guy that we always see hanging out downtown?"
2: "Yeah, that fucking puta slammed my girlfriend of 4 years, and when he was done he had an orgy with my mom and her friends..."
1: "Wow, Dylan sounds like a boss."
2: "Fuck you man. Fuck. You."
by OGmilfbanger November 07, 2013
Dylan is one of the greatest people anyone will get the chance to meet! Dylan will make you fall in love in the blink of an eye,will always be there for you no matter how bad you mess up , and Dylan is honestly the sweetest,nicest,cutest,and all around best person anyone could ever meet!
Dylan is the best! I'm so glad I met Dylan
by Spiderman_lover May 16, 2013
A kindhearted person who comes across weird but is a good person who is secretly humble. Incredibly romantic would do anything for the girl he loves hoping that would feel the same way about him
Omg a guy got me flowers for no reason he's such a Dylan
by Chicken123 April 04, 2013
Dylan Pate
The most amazing guy you will ever meet, he will make you smile like you have never smiled before, he is the sweetest guy you will ever encounter. He is an endangered species of true gentlemen. No amount of words would ever be enough to describe such an amazing person and he is my eighth wonder of the world.<3
Dylan you make me smile
by xohollywoodriotox November 28, 2011
It can be anything.
"Dylan is the man"
"This looks like a Dylan
"This Dylan is great!"
by Bee wit 8 e's July 10, 2009
This particular guy will be sweet as fuck, he will swoon you in and have you so swept off your feet you would die for him. You will fall in love so hard and so fast. But then he will turn out to be a huge dick with a try dick. He will manipulate your heart not once, but multiple times. He will make you feel bad all the time. He will be very depressive and won't take anyone's advice no matter what. He will continue to complain about his sadness and do nothing for himself. He is suicidal. He will drive you insane emotionally and mentally. Falling out of love with a Dylan is a very hard procedure and takes a long time. He will destroy you.
I love that Dylan, but I hate him too.

"Dylan is such fucklyn."
by Pizza :) December 05, 2013