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when you are straight up dominating/winning something. it doesn't matter what it is, but it matters that you are killing and are showing beastly qualities.
Guy 1: dude you just blew up 5 fucking trucks!

Guy 2: i know! i am seriously raping here!!!
by O-Fro March 02, 2007
What people type on the internet when they mean "rapping." Adds a whole different context to the sentence i.e. the person in question is renowned for his style of raping.
I love your raping ! ! your the next white raper ! ! (sic)
by T from the L September 01, 2006
A word used as a substitute for the common profane adjectives (fucking, damn, etc)
1. Man 1: Dude, you drank my water *kicks man 2 in the hand*
Man 2: OW, man! You just kicked my raping hand!

2. I can't believe I have a raping math test next period!
by Doctor Swiing August 24, 2007

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