Any Dylan you know is typically the cool guy around. He knows how to treat a lady, and is very appreciative of things. Most Dylan's are very courteous and do nice things. Any Dylan you know will always be there for you, because he's a Dylan, duh.
Girl 1: I wish my boyfriend was a Dylan.
Girl 2: Me too.
by Perfzzz March 13, 2010
If a girl:
Very beautiful and sexual, yet kindhearted and loving. She is good in bed and knows how to play it rough. She will always want to please that one lover and she is very devoted and committed. She doesnt fall in love easily. If she falls for you, then youre lucky. she is a keeper.

If a boy:
A stud but sometimes a jerk. Very flirty and outgoing. He is a "do it my way or the highway" kind of guy. Definitely will do a one-night stand, without question. Very charming but beware of his girl craziness.
Example 1: "Man that girl Dylan is the best girlfriend in the world."

Example 2: "WOW! That guy Dylan is such a flirt but he is SO sexy!"
by Dylan Baby February 18, 2009
a penis in the shape of a fruit, usually a banana.
Anna: omg did you see John's dylan?
Lucy: yes! it looked good enough to eat!
by Sally Reynolds March 12, 2008
Dylan: A real gentlemen. Usually very talented kinds, tall, good looking, and can play up to 6 different types of instruments. He can play drums epically, and even though he says he doesn't, he has a very nice voice. He's one of the most amazing people you would ever meet on the face of this earth. He's nice, treats girls with respect that they deserve, and has a good reputation to being a good boyfriend. He can make you feel better by just saying hello to you, and is always there when most needed. He can be your best friend, and the best thing that can ever happen to you. He's a Dylan. There are no other words to some up how amazing he is.
Wow, he's the most amazing person I ever met! He must be a Dylan
by MadzLL December 05, 2010
This guy is one amazing man. He is the type of guy that will make your day brighter just by seeing his smile. He will always try to help you feel better if you're having a bad day & he has such an amazing personality on top of his handsome & perfect looks. He supports you through thick and thin and he has such an amazing sense of humor. He is the most thoughtful, sweet, and caring guy that you will ever meet & you know that you can tell him anything, because he won't tell a soul. If you come across this guy, know that he will change your life forever. He doesn't just make a wonderful boyfriend, but he grows to become your best friend in the process. If you're lucky enough to find this guy, be sure to keep him in your life for as long as you possibly can, because you won't ever find another guy like him in this world.
Dylan is sweeter than candy.
by Yours Truly 0807 September 17, 2013
A guy who is very charismatic and liked by everyone but has trouble picking the right girl. Always falls for the wrong girl but falls hard. Caring and nice and his life focuses around other instead of himself.
Dylan is so hot, but why is he dating that bitch?
by awesomenes! January 17, 2011
A dylan is someone with a HUGE ASS DICK.he loves to make girls happy cuz hes nice like tht.hes most likely to fuck them later on.can be a perv at times.but every one luvs him and all the girls want to have hot and steamy sex with him cuz hes just so sexy.if ur a guy and kno a dylan give him a high five or if ur a girl suck on tht shit or fuck him FURREAL!!!!!
girl1:o you kno dylan
girl2:yea why?
girl1:i hit tht shit last nite hes HUGE i mean my legs r still sore!
girl2:man ima get me sum of tht!!
by secretmonkey July 07, 2010

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