To strike
Geoff pushed me so I duffed him in the face.
by ben October 06, 2003
the ugliest friend in a group to make everyone else look better.
Wow, elliot is the duff in that group.
by mobojobo February 02, 2015
adjective describing something lame, or stupid; opposite of kuff
Damn that party was soo duff, way too many dudes in there.
by kufflos January 15, 2009
The cannabis material that is left after vaporization (which it is still good for cooking).
I made awesome brownies with the duff from last weeks party!
by CaraBeantown January 05, 2014
The toughest man you will ever meet in your life, The most manleyst man you will ever man, He will make your life hell
by Big Boy balding November 01, 2011
Like a muff in every way but it is the masculine version.
I blew that guy, but his duff felt like a tumbleweed.
by The Cunning Linguist () January 04, 2011
the residual left in the bag of narcotics; the powder.
Dude... Where's all the rocks? That's just a bag of duff!
by sophuct72 February 05, 2010

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