A very cool brand of Skate shoes
"Duuude nice Duffs!"
by x_Louise_x August 16, 2005
UK - to be pregnant
She's up the duff
by Sophie96 April 11, 2015
UK - to be pregnant
She's up the duff
by Sophie96 April 11, 2015
Designated Ugly Fat Friend
The DUFF isn't always ugly or fat, the DUFF is the least attractive friend ( They can still be pretty but not as pretty as the friends) in the group which makes the others look more attractive. The DUFF is the approachable friend in the group who gives intel about the more attractive friends.
"wow i didn't know they knew each other, why is she hanging out with them".
"She's their DUFF of course".
"Oh right yeah i see it".
by MusicDream April 03, 2015
designated ugly fat friend
the more approachable one
you are duff

omg Katey is such a duff in her friend group
by asdfghjkl_.2 October 24, 2015
Designated ugly fat friend
Duff - a less attractive person who has really hot friends and is an easy target to talk too while out at a party/bar too hook them up with the hot friends
by Eloks July 29, 2015
that ONE ugly, unpopular person in a group of popular, or hot people. (DUFF stands for designated ugly fat friend.)
Jack: Wow, she doesn't fit in at all. She must be the duff out of that group.
by turtles.166 June 29, 2015

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