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designated ugly fat friend.. everyone has one to make themselves appear more attractive.. mostly females.. gets on boyfriends nerves
girlfriend- "hey tony lets go to the movies tonight"
boyfriend- "ok cool"
girlfriend- "is it ok if kellie comes cuz she has no friends"
boyfriend- "no that fucking duff cant come"
by banana warrior March 28, 2009
A very cool brand of Skate shoes
"Duuude nice Duffs!"
by x_Louise_x August 16, 2005
DUFF stands for: designated ugly fat friend. A DUFF is typically hanging around the group of pretty, superficial babes. People who see the DUFF usually wonders why she is being seen with such hot chicks. DUFFs never get ass. DUFFs have never had a boyfriend. And DUFFs spend their friday nights masterbating.
Tammy is such a prep.
DANG, Felicia is looking fine tonight.
Lorena adds that latina spice to the group.
Erica is a hot cheerleader.
and then theres Marissa.
Well, every group of girls has to have their DUFF...
by jOCKIN ON YO December 16, 2007
adjective describing something lame, or stupid; opposite of kuff
Damn that party was soo duff, way too many dudes in there.
by kufflos January 15, 2009
1. Bollocks. Rubbish. Not worth a fuck.

2. The bass player of Guns n' Roses, 10 Minute Warning, Velvet Revolver
1. I cant play that duff guitar you bought, its the cheapest lump of shit I've ever seen!

I was late for work again because my duff old Ford Fiesta broke down again!

2. Uh, well... Duff McKagan plays bass.
by Saviour of the real January 19, 2007
Like a muff in every way but it is the masculine version.
I blew that guy, but his duff felt like a tumbleweed.
by The Cunning Linguist () January 04, 2011
A simple pudding eaten by 19th century sailors. This was given to the crew once or twice a week at the most if they were working hard, or if the captain wanted to motivate them. Consisted of flour, boiled water, and whatever available fruit or molasses. Considered to be quite a luxury.
Having been unruly, the crew did not receive duff last Sunday.
by electronic_rodent April 13, 2008