designated ugly fat friend.. everyone has one to make themselves appear more attractive.. mostly females.. gets on boyfriends nerves
girlfriend- "hey tony lets go to the movies tonight"
boyfriend- "ok cool"
girlfriend- "is it ok if kellie comes cuz she has no friends"
boyfriend- "no that fucking duff cant come"
by banana warrior March 28, 2009
Designated Ugly Fat Friend
Timmy: Chelsey and sarah are so hot. why does she hang around with heather. she is so fat.
Bryan: Heather is their DUFF to make them look better
by shortman94 March 29, 2010
Scottish slang for a vagina

Also means something is rubbish, crap or broken
I'll kick you in the duff

That's totally duff
by Freakosaurus November 17, 2006
A very cool brand of Skate shoes
"Duuude nice Duffs!"
by x_Louise_x August 16, 2005
1. Bollocks. Rubbish. Not worth a fuck.

2. The bass player of Guns n' Roses, 10 Minute Warning, Velvet Revolver
1. I cant play that duff guitar you bought, its the cheapest lump of shit I've ever seen!

I was late for work again because my duff old Ford Fiesta broke down again!

2. Uh, well... Duff McKagan plays bass.
by Saviour of the real January 19, 2007
Dumb Ugly Fat Friend: Usually accompied by the attractive girl that you actually want to talk to.
That girl is so hot, but she has that Duff standing next to her.
by Cody August 23, 2004
adjective describing something lame, or stupid; opposite of kuff
Damn that party was soo duff, way too many dudes in there.
by kufflos January 15, 2009

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