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the value or meaning of someone or something; often used sarcastically to indicate that something has no value or meaning
emil has worth
by td0tr0y March 23, 2004
being immensely awesome
Man, that dude is so not worth
by hitmewithmusic April 02, 2009
Sarcastic for "Yeah Nice One"
Used when someone doesn't do you the slightest of favors or when someone does something so stupid that they should of known not to do it because it was so blatantly dumb!
You: "Sean, can i borrow a quid off ya till later?" Sean: "Nah!" You: "Worth!"

"oh Sean, so your driving past the the shop on ya way home! Sweet can i grab a lift and jump out at the shop then yeah?" Sean: "Nah"
You: "Worth!"

Tone didnt fill out his job search for the job centre yesterday, the one thing he has to do that takes about 4 minutes once a fortnight, and they stopped his money!
by Phatzoot June 16, 2011
To be worth, verb
Used to describe something that is worthwhile doing i.e seeing a concert, watching a TV show, going to an event...etc.
A: Are you coming to the show tonight?
B: it worth?
A: of course it's worth!!
B: alright I'll be there
by Codyrocksmysocks March 11, 2016
verb - To send inappropriate text messages
His Prime Minister said he would have sacked him if he hadn't resigned for Worthing texts to a woman he was allegedly said to have offered a position on a board in exchange for certain favours.
by arbeiter June 07, 2009
meijer, an institution in which whom works there will most likly commit suicide because the hate their lives
Damn I have to go to worth again. which cliff am i going to drive my car off on the way?
by smokedaddy5000 November 09, 2003
j00 teh cack!
by fu May 16, 2003
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