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Duff is a sweet desert or pudding eaten after the main meal.

It is never a savory meal like post-scran-scran, and is not eaten before a meal like pre-scran-duff.
Napa - Great scran mate, whats for Duff?
Bill - Triffle
Napa - Awesome!
by Napa Ben April 15, 2011
drop kick
jake is a duff
by suwoop234 March 14, 2011
Acronym meaning designated ugly fat friend. This is the disgusting ugly fat friend that tags along with the hot chicks. Said hot chicks allow this as it makes them look less shallow and more attractive.
Ian: I've been tryin' to get Jenna alone for weeks now, but Bertha's always around.

Shawn: Ew, dude, Bertha's a total DUFF.

Ian: You think you could hold her attention while I talk to Jenna?

Shawn: That depends on how much you're willing to pay me.
by xdanielx August 07, 2008
Stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. A term used to describe a hot girls fat friends. Every hot girl has at least 1 Duff. Treating the Duff like a normal person may help your entry to the hot girls Vagina.
Hey, if your in with the Duff, Your in with the stuff!
by twisted_walker November 12, 2006
The cannabis material that is left after vaporization (which it is still good for cooking).
I made awesome brownies with the duff from last weeks party!
by CaraBeantown January 05, 2014
Designated Unpopular Fat Friend. A fat person,usually a female who is obsessed with a country boy,his friends,his momma,sister,truck and dog.
Girl: Where did all my ice cream go?
Boy: The duff must have ate it.
by brotherman94 January 21, 2012
girl with a big butt or also known as a phatty
"dammnnn she got dha duff"
by noneya624 January 10, 2012