Designated Ugly Fat Friend. If you know of a DUFF, You are a DUFF, or you've heard of a DUFF, you are in luck. Because I hate to break it to you but you are a DUFF. You don't have to be fat or ugly to be a DUFF. DUFF is just a catch for a person who doesn't fit in. If you ever felt left out, excluded, or just different it means you were a DUFF and potentially are one now. But don't worry. Being a DUFF is a good thing. It means you are an original person. SO pump your fist in the air if you're a DUFF!
Tyler is a D.U.F.F.
by ThtYllwBch June 09, 2015
A different person, approachable,friendly , not defined by fashion and looks and takes little attention to their appearance. they really do not have to be fat and ugly, just different.
that duff makes me look so hot when we are together,her small booty makes mine look so big
by babylove_spongy June 04, 2015
designated ugly fat friend
"Your their Duff, they are prettier than you"
by heyo2 May 30, 2015
Dumb Ugly Fat Friend
have u met my new D-U-F-F
by Drapp April 14, 2015
Dumb Ugly Fat Friend
have u met my new D-U-F-F
by Drapp April 14, 2015
adjective describing something lame, or stupid; opposite of kuff
Damn that party was soo duff, way too many dudes in there.
by kufflos January 15, 2009
DUFF stands for: designated ugly fat friend. A DUFF is typically hanging around the group of pretty, superficial babes. People who see the DUFF usually wonders why she is being seen with such hot chicks. DUFFs never get ass. DUFFs have never had a boyfriend. And DUFFs spend their friday nights masterbating.
Tammy is such a prep.
DANG, Felicia is looking fine tonight.
Lorena adds that latina spice to the group.
Erica is a hot cheerleader.
and then theres Marissa.
Well, every group of girls has to have their DUFF...
by jOCKIN ON YO December 16, 2007

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