girl with a big butt or also known as a phatty
"dammnnn she got dha duff"
by noneya624 January 10, 2012
Deemed UnFit For Society
Used when describing someone that acts like they are a person who just escaped an insane asylum and doesn't belong among the common people
Person One: Dude did you see those new pics of lindsey lohan getting totally smashed at the party?

Person Two: No but I can imagine

Person One: Yeah it's not even funny anymore, she's been duffs in my book for a long time

Person Two: True that, she needs to do us all a favor and check herself into a clinic or asylum for that matter
by Riesbdickrandomlettersjrbtklfo August 22, 2009
Acronym meaning designated ugly fat friend. This is the disgusting ugly fat friend that tags along with the hot chicks. Said hot chicks allow this as it makes them look less shallow and more attractive.
Ian: I've been tryin' to get Jenna alone for weeks now, but Bertha's always around.

Shawn: Ew, dude, Bertha's a total DUFF.

Ian: You think you could hold her attention while I talk to Jenna?

Shawn: That depends on how much you're willing to pay me.
by xdanielx August 07, 2008
Dumb Ugly Fat Friend. Every hot girl has at least one. If, in the case, that a hot girl has other hot girl friends, then they all have at least one mutual duff. Hot girls chill with them to usually make themselves seem better.
Yo dawg, we gotta get this DUFF away asap.
by the_realest_MI February 18, 2011
a) Breasts that have not been enhanced by plastic surgery.

b) Natural, albeit smaller breasts.

Popularized in the mid-2000s when American actress Lindsay Lohan was rumored to have undergone breast augmentation surgery. Lohan vehemently denied the charges, while her declining reputation became constant tabloid fodder.

This was in contrast to her old "rival" Hilary Duff, who still maintained a squeaky clean public image and had a visibly smaller bust line compared to Lohan. Hence the term Duffs was born.

Antonym: Lohans
Person A: "Her boobs are so small compared to that chick with the implants."

Person B: "At least they're Duffs. If she's cool with that, more power to her!"
by RealFakeBoob March 02, 2010
Stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. A term used to describe a hot girls fat friends. Every hot girl has at least 1 Duff. Treating the Duff like a normal person may help your entry to the hot girls Vagina.
Hey, if your in with the Duff, Your in with the stuff!
by twisted_walker November 12, 2006
The toughest man you will ever meet in your life, The most manleyst man you will ever man, He will make your life hell
by Big Boy balding November 01, 2011

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