When you see two hot chicks hanging out with a fatter, uglier woman you can pinpoint this woman as 'the DUFF'. DUFF stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Hot chicks usually have a DUFF to make themselves look even better, when compared to their DUFF.
"That DUFF will make anyone look good."
by SmartyTarty September 23, 2015
Dumb(or Designated)
But really, those describing words do it an injustice. Every group of friends has a duff. the one who's approachable, a little less popular or pretty, and doesn't quite fit in. But the friends in that group also have more friends, and could be their duff. So in reality, we are all duffs.
A boy in my grade called me a duff before I knew what it meant. I found out two seconds later from a girl next to me, that it meant Dumb, Ugly, Fat friend. But she also said that I'm none of those things, and what he had said was highly redundant. (She started laughing and said really loud,"But he probably doesn't know what duff means either, and that a few of those words perfectly described him!")

Duff is also described in the movie, "The D.U.F.F". I recently watched it -for MATURE audiences only- and it gives plenty examples.
by innocence_is_treasured;) August 30, 2015
that ONE ugly, unpopular person in a group of popular, or hot people. (DUFF stands for designated ugly fat friend.)
Jack: Wow, she doesn't fit in at all. She must be the duff out of that group.
by turtles.166 June 29, 2015
Designated Ugly Fat Friend.

Its one person in a group who makes everyone else in the group look better. The duff doesnt have to be ugly or fat.
Hannah is clearly the duff of the group!
by Shortneyyy😛✌🏻️ June 15, 2015
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