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Internet jargon for Rolling Over Laughing My Fucking Ass Off
Seeing the proud new owner of the Picasso painting actually put his elbow through it had me ROLMFAO.
by BMWBrian October 22, 2006
Obligatory BMW Content, used in BMW-specific message boards and web forums to indicate that the text following the acronym brings the topic into compliance with the forum rules (where discussion of BMW topics is required); Used to qualify a poster's off-topic discussion.
Also see OOTC, obligatory on-topic content
The boss had me ready to kill him at work today.

OBMWC:But at least I get to drive my BMW home from work through the canyon. HE gets to drive his Buick!
by BMWBrian December 04, 2006
v. 1. to not follow through with plans to meet someone;
2. to ditch a person
We had plans all week to leave town together this weekend, but he duffed me once again.
by BMWBrian October 28, 2006

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