a teenage pop star with absolutely no talent.
hillary duff sucks
by hillary's ex April 12, 2004
D.U.F.F stands for designated ugly fat friend
Kassie wants to feel good about herself so she has a D.U.F.F
by Nick November 22, 2004
A brand of cool US Skate shoes.
Yo man, you see those dope Duff Roadrunners? Way Fresh!!
by PHIVOLCS March 24, 2004
Literally stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend. This is the bitch who comes out of no where to cockblock you when you are about to get a chick home with you. She is often recognizable by her fat ass, bad hair and sour disposition. Her main goal of the night is to fend off any advances on her friend so she will have company at the diner when she is stuffing her fat face with an omelet and a side of disco fries while she bitches about anyone and everyone. The D.U.F.F can be defeated with a high level wingman, but you will be expected to return the favor; a job not for the faint of heart. A naked D.U.F.F often smells like a box of crayons.
"Dude, I was about to bag this chick, but then her army of D.U.F.F's came out of no where and pulled her away. She must be a Volleyball player!"

"Did you Fuck the chick at the party?"
"No Fuckhead, I got Duffed!"
by LexDimonds July 31, 2009
designated ugly fat friend.. everyone has one to make themselves appear more attractive.. mostly females.. gets on boyfriends nerves
girlfriend- "hey tony lets go to the movies tonight"
boyfriend- "ok cool"
girlfriend- "is it ok if kellie comes cuz she has no friends"
boyfriend- "no that fucking duff cant come"
by banana warrior March 28, 2009
Designated,ugly,fat friend.

You don't necessarily have to be fat,or ugly to be one. the duff is considered a duff when he/shes significantly less attractive out of the group of friends they hang out with and both boys and girls can be one.
They are often used to get information about his/her friends.
1# "Damn, those girls are hot...well except for that one"
2#"yeah..maybe we can get some info on them from her?"
also shown in the movie"The Duff" if you need a visual example.
by Guade April 02, 2015
Designated Ugly Fat Friend
Timmy: Chelsey and sarah are so hot. why does she hang around with heather. she is so fat.
Bryan: Heather is their DUFF to make them look better
by shortman94 March 29, 2010

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