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The toughest man you will ever meet in your life, The most manleyst man you will ever man, He will make your life hell
by Big Boy balding November 01, 2011
To Duff Out; A momentary lapse in reality shown by a vacant stare into a world of blank.
You just duffed out!

Man sorry i didn't hear you i was totally duffing out.

I really duffed out on that one
by Tazan August 18, 2011
Dumb Ugly Fat Friend. Every hot girl has at least one. If, in the case, that a hot girl has other hot girl friends, then they all have at least one mutual duff. Hot girls chill with them to usually make themselves seem better.
Yo dawg, we gotta get this DUFF away asap.
by the_realest_MI February 18, 2011
a) Breasts that have not been enhanced by plastic surgery.

b) Natural, albeit smaller breasts.

Popularized in the mid-2000s when American actress Lindsay Lohan was rumored to have undergone breast augmentation surgery. Lohan vehemently denied the charges, while her declining reputation became constant tabloid fodder.

This was in contrast to her old "rival" Hilary Duff, who still maintained a squeaky clean public image and had a visibly smaller bust line compared to Lohan. Hence the term Duffs was born.

Antonym: Lohans
Person A: "Her boobs are so small compared to that chick with the implants."

Person B: "At least they're Duffs. If she's cool with that, more power to her!"
by RealFakeBoob March 02, 2010
–Adjective (duff)

-Noun (duff)
a nonsensical object or mass

-Verb (present-tense: duff past-tense: duffed)
to act without any sense of tact

-Adverb (duffly)
clumsily, without purpose or explanation

-Unit of Measurement (duffs)
a span of 10 decibels
"I dunno man... that steak looked pretty damn-diggedy duff..."

"Stop being such a lousy duff!"

"Remember that time Steve duffed lucratively for hours?!"

"He duffly fell in to the clearly labeled and fenced off tub of acid"

"That fire alarm rang at at least 1.5 duffs! It gave me otomycosis."

"that duff duff duffly duffed at 50 duffs!"
by Boodda November 10, 2008
UK Prison slang for sponge pudding.
I hope we have duff and custard tonite.
by pRoPeR-eNgLiSh May 17, 2007
the action of punching someone. usually in the face because it is like you are caving it in. can apply to any area of the body however.
"Back up, before I duff you in your face!"
by ~Reign~ October 14, 2006