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Can replace any type of word in the English Language
1) nouns
2) adjectives
3) verbs
1) See Steve? He is a doop
2) Steve is very doop
3) Steve's very good at dooping
by one_hit_wonders April 27, 2011
3 4
Marijuana; the state of being stoned. Derived from "doopy."
Wanna go do some doop?
He is so dooped right now.
by Roger F. Doopie October 06, 2010
14 15
The person that looks just like you only way uglier
kevin: Heather, I saw your doop at the mall!

Heather: OMG! You think I'm ugly?

Kevin: Absolutely not, you dank, she ain't
by Namshks December 06, 2009
3 4
Underground term for Anabolic Steroids.
Everyone will be afraid of me once I'm on doop.
by dmanzor September 01, 2009
2 3
A creep/creeper
or a sound to make for any occasion

Dooping/Doopin- The act of creeping
"What are you doing?"
"Oh you know. Just doopin around on facebook."

"Look at that guy doopin on me!"

by Bwananana June 30, 2012
2 4
Defined as a retarded person.
"Richard is a doop."
by Justin da bau5 March 16, 2012
0 2
The action of scooping ones bottom whilst simultaneously perching. dooping, dooped.
"You need to doop to get 3rd degree burns."
"My legs are so burnt from dooping last night."
"The stock market hell dooped last week."
by ckcc August 21, 2011
5 7