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Piss off, go away, move on, shithead.
Bugger off, asshole, you just dented my car!
by Funk July 16, 2003
A BIG BEAR HUG!(bear is drunk)
Me: Rawr! come give me a big hug!
Random newb: Hey! get the hell of me!

Me: Rawr! come give me a big hug!
Veteran player: RAWR! (""\_(o_O)_/"")
by Funk March 12, 2005
1. An insult
2. A word used bewteen friends
1. you damn son of a gun!
2. Wassup son of a gun?
by Funk December 27, 2004
The cause of overweight americans
"ba-ta-pa-pa-paaa im loving beign overweight"
by Funk December 27, 2004
This occurs on hot, sweaty days when you suddenly realise that half of your underwear has crept up your arse and you have to drag it back out, as in:
Guy1: Dude, what's up, you're squirming.
Guy2: Aaaargh! It's Hungry Bum Syndrome.
by Funk October 14, 2004
adjective/adverb/noun. 1)A word used by the Bush administration to describe the policies of John Kerry. 2)any verbage uttered by a hippie or any other person wearing sandals or hemp jewelry 3)the property of constantly changing sides or postion
Left: Bush is a warmonger!
Right: Cease your flip-floppery! Bush clearly avoided active duty in Vietnam! He's great at avoiding huge unnecessary wars!
by FUNK September 28, 2004
BK time is what is used to describe the timewhen the two hottest guys on OZ have some lovey dovey time. Also referred to as my greatest fantasy.
Man, that BK time is last night's episode was so hot, I wish I could have been there.
by Funk January 21, 2003

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