Verb./ The act of decieving a nub in order to avoid them.
Past tense: Dooped
I invited Nick to the movies, but I purposely didn't go without telling him so I could go to the party without him. I totally dooped him!
by Pat Crosby June 10, 2008
To describe someone who has no positive attributes, and is completely neutral in appearance. A "doop" usually is identified by their lack of money, a blank face, and unwillingness to achieve anything in life.
Man : Do you have that $5?
Doop : Well the thing is, I never actually have $5 on me at anytime...
Man : Your actually a massive Doop
by Tony Henny's Yuss Extravaganza November 18, 2013
Can replace any type of word in the English Language
1) nouns
2) adjectives
3) verbs
1) See Steve? He is a doop
2) Steve is very doop
3) Steve's very good at dooping
by one_hit_wonders April 27, 2011
Marijuana; the state of being stoned. Derived from "doopy."
Wanna go do some doop?
He is so dooped right now.
by Roger F. Doopie October 06, 2010
The person that looks just like you only way uglier
kevin: Heather, I saw your doop at the mall!

Heather: OMG! You think I'm ugly?

Kevin: Absolutely not, you dank, she ain't
by Namshks December 06, 2009
This is for all men! A reference to having your dick out of place...
Sorry, had to adjust my doop!
by Crispy0930 September 08, 2008
An anonymous verb, used in the context of "dooping too hard" or "doop too hard" It could mean anything, it's anyone's guess.
I was in class the other day this guy was dooping so hard, everyone left the room.
by RunawayPigeon May 29, 2014

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