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A cold-hearted woman. She is seen by the intelligent for what she is- an unappealing hag, but to the lesser minded beings she appears to be a goddess. In actuality, she's a grasping, unpleasant woman who is petty and typically dim-witted and will lure an abundance of equally dim-witted men into her grasp. Witnesses say she's a backstabbing bitch who will threaten you from afar but is a coward in person. Derived from the term harpy. See harpy for more details of appearance.
"Dude, did you see that chick?"
"Yeah, she's totally hot."
"Uh, I think you were looking a different girl... I'm talking about that Harper. You know, the petty back stabber?"
"All I see is a gorgeous goddess."
"Are you blind?"
"No, I just have really low standards."
by Jack Skellington's Lover October 21, 2013
— noun
a person with an intense hatred or fear of homosexuals, homosexuality or same-sex marriage.
If my gay friends want to get married, they should be able to. Don't be such a Harper!
by Jessie-Loo January 13, 2012
A girl who will seperate you from you friends and than backstabbyou. In the end she will go back to the friends she said she hated 3 weeks ago and leave you for the wolves.
Girl 1:Why does that girl keep staring at me like that?

Girl 2:She is a Harper.

Girl1: Oh that explains everything
by Ur mom I am March 25, 2013
A swagtastic man of excellence, predominately due to his high levels of ass-kickin awesomeness. Harper is Chuck Norris approved and can drink a beer, smoke a cigarette, and stare down a ravenous tiger while telepathically saying "I'll eat yo' ass fo lunch bitch".
Dude...Harper is so smooth he makes butter look like the Teton Mountain Range.

Did you see that? As soon as he walked outside, the sun went down, even the sun is afraid of Harper.
by foshiggity May 12, 2011
A Harper is someone who has more game with ladies than Santa Clause has reindeers at Christmas. A Harper is someone that is so butter, he should be served on rolls at Thanksgiving. A Harper is so mentally dominant that Darth Vader learned how to use the force from him. A Harper can make a hippo have an anorexic complex.
I knew Santa had reindeer, but Harper has way more game.
by foshiggity May 12, 2011
a type of girl who maliciously steals boys, particularly her best friends and then talks about how being a good friend is everything..silly!
wow cathy is being such a harper :( shes all over my boyfriend, i thought harper and i were friends!
by harperiscruel January 17, 2011
A very wonderful guy(: he makes my heart pound when I see him and he is the most cutest person ever. he is very loyal and can be charming. although he is short he is full of loge to give and will never let you down.(:
My boyfriend is a total Harper.

Ohh how I love him!
by HeyCutie(: March 26, 2010

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