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A very big poop that is still coming out of your butt and it hits the water before it's pinched out of your butthole
Dude!, i just took the biggest doop of my life!
by Daniel and michael February 22, 2009
1 3
To use the bathroom after anal sex, resulting in white-colored turds.
I heard Cindy yelling last night, and when I went to see why, I saw she'd doop'd in the bathroom.
by Bloodsail Admiral January 06, 2009
1 3
Verb: Using the penis to Teabag a girl.
"You just got dooped, Bitch"

"Everyone dooped that bitch at the party"
by Comiethehomie June 14, 2008
12 14
To get harass in the butthole
you have officially been doop.
by richardm2 January 03, 2008
89 91
To make a mistake, screwed up.
Man you dooped it up now
by Leegore May 01, 2007
7 9
To partake in smokeless tobacco while defecating.
Hey I'm going to go take a doop want to join?
by DoctorD-I-P March 02, 2011
2 5
To take a huge "dump" or "crap."

A mixture of the words "dump" and "poop."
I doop my drawls every time that nature calls.
by LIL NAYA December 02, 2009
3 6