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Taking it easy (relaxing)
by Mark April 14, 2003
331 73
to hang out with someone
to chill
ima be kickin it with jazzy tonight
by Jazz-e September 12, 2006
207 81
hangin out, doing nothing, doing anything....
We were kickin' it.
by Max October 30, 2003
190 68
The act of hanging out with an overall contentment in mood.
We had time to kill so we were just kickin' it before the party.
by Heathward Jay March 24, 2011
9 0
it means chillin or makin out
sara: so wut u up to?
paul: just kickin it.

makin out:
susie: so have u kicked it wit him yet?
katie: yup. =)
by no comment April 29, 2003
124 163
somethings thats just there; when you're just hanging out with people
there's a spoon just kickin it on the floor
by nigga yo mama dissed me August 27, 2005
58 105
I was kickin it with that chick last night.
by Kick-N-It May 06, 2003
74 127