A word a lot of my black friends use in between almost every word. Kind of like the way white ppl say "like"
Nikki : Yo what happ. at the park??
Reesy : Dem niggas dead jumped all dem cause dey dead was talkinn shit and dey dead gawt jumped for dhat. Dead ass. And dey dead desrved it too.
by YaGirlResaa August 01, 2009
Drop-dead gorgeous looking girl
There are mad deads in this city...theyre all hot"
by billy becht July 17, 2009
not alive but to exist with a big head that eats people particulary michaels
John: omg micheals gone.

Tiny: dead probly got to him.

John: oh well how was your day
by justin adona January 29, 2008
some amaturs when smoking weed through a bong, leave left over smoke in it. this is a very big waste and after leaving the smoke in there for a couple of seconds, the smoke becomes disguisting and very strong. most people blow it out, i take it it gets you smashed haha
man you didnt even pull half your cone, gotta bong kiss hey,now theres all fucking deads in there oh well give me the bong ill finish it off.
by theyll no who August 01, 2006
wat ur like when u sleep
he slept in until 5 in the afternoon, seemed like he was dead
by loco asshole February 13, 2005
verb. to kill as subject matter.
john kerry: i still think i won the election.
george w: let's just dead that junx you hippie trash.
john kerry: *sob*
by marduk420 November 24, 2004
Being in a state of having no life or ceasing to exist.
A typical pop star's career within four years, doubled if said pop star signs a Faustian deal with MTV or the RIAA.
By 2008, the careers of 50 Cent, Ashanti, Eminem, and Britney Spears will be dead.
by AYB June 19, 2003

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