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An extremely funny joke or image, usually ending the current discussion. Almost used in the same way as "your killing that joke."
"Dude, Bobby's comment on Susans facebook profile picture, dead. I couldn't have said anything funnier myself."

Scott showed up to the costume party in drag. Dead.
by VisionLabel April 12, 2011
when a person is dead its when they arn't lving at the time so they have no life literraly but somtimes people can be revived but somtimes not ...k
the guys is dead but the doctors gave him cpr and revived him but them he killed them all now all the doctors are dead
by some random dude February 18, 2003
Pope John Paul The Second
Ryu: "Pope John Paul The Second is dead now."
Ken: "Yeah, what a n00b."
by -(*^_^*)- April 03, 2005
Dead is the definition of Alaana of Syron when he tried to attack brian of terra1
Noob plus l33t defence = DEAD planet 9:7:1.
by orichalon June 03, 2004