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George W. Bush
You know what's wrong with the world? George W. Bush!
by sure October 22, 2003
Where EMS stands for Extra Marital Sex instead of Emergency Medical Services!
While doing a crossword puzzle with some friends...A friend says name me an eight letter word that ends in EMS. Without hesitation the local fire chief yells PROBLEMS! I didn't have them without EMS!
by 44431 October 26, 2011
Sarcastic phrase said at the end of a statement. Usually the statement in question was said solely to piss off or troll someone else, hence "problem" being added to the end. A great tool to annoy others.
Henry: "Who the hell took a dump in my ice cream?!"
Chuck: "Maybe it was me. Problem?" *trollface*
by NarooN October 05, 2011
Events that occur due to the fact that you touch yourself at night.
Billy: "Mom, why do babies cry?"
Mom: "Because you touch yourself at night, Billy, that what their problems are."
by Barzan Abu Al-Ghafur August 26, 2008
when you blatently did something wrong and got caught you innocently say 'problem?'
Police: you can't skate here!

Skater: Problem officer?
by JonnyLeonard July 26, 2011
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