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A party spot or gathering place
If the cops ask you where the party is, just tell them nowhere
by Maxhol July 28, 2007
1.] A general term used to describe a rural setting with few signs of being inhabited.

2.] A nonexistant or imagined place which has the feasibility to subconsciously exist.
1.] I smoked one in nowhere last night and had a real trip of an adventure.

2.] Somewhere within the subconscious mind lies a place called nowhere-- a void inside of time and space which is seemingly existant to the individual.
by Jimmy(at the trap) February 09, 2009
A compilation of all of the places a loaner has been and lived.
Hey, where are you from?

No where.
by Mandy McCoy June 20, 2008
1. the process(es) of following one’s own feet
the understanding of constant change as the only stability
• readiness to move after one’s own light-paths
2. the state(s) of unrealities

• the erasing of lines of reality for endless possibilities

places as unexpected, unplanned, and random
fall asleep next to me, and you'll always be in your unrealities and your nowheres
by iiidaida July 22, 2011
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