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4 definitions by countess_Grishnackh

member of amazing finnish band Children of Bodom.
a really sexy boy indeed, but most of all a great voice and guitar player!!
Alexi Laiho is the new Zakk Wylde!
by countess_Grishnackh August 21, 2009
Mustis is a norwegian black metal keyboard player. His music is inspired mainly by Wagner and Dvorak. He can play also other instruments like the violin, the drums, the guitar and so on...from 1998 to 2009 he has been part of Dimmu Borgir. He wrote most of their music, and we can appreciate his talent in songs such as "Fear and Wonder" or "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse". He's one of the best keyboard players ever, difficult to imitate or manage to be better than him. His style is absolutely inimitable and...inexpressible.
Well, you cannot help admitting that he's such an eye candy, but most of the merit goes to his masterpieces.
to notice Mustis' talent, as written before, try to listen to "Fear and Wonder" or other of his masterpieces
by countess_Grishnackh September 19, 2009
frontman from norwegian symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir.
one of the best frontmans ever, and absolutely the god of current black metal scene!
well, he's really attractive, but you'd better appeciate most his way of singing and his philosophy, than his aspect!
Shagrath's live performances are great!!
you'll never forget them!!
for all tid!!!
by countess_Grishnackh August 21, 2009
frontman of norwegian black metal band Mayhem.
committed suicide at the age of 22.
the real soul of Mayhem.
Mayhem without Dead are not the real Mayhem.
probably the best blackster ever.
his name will never die, as his spirit does.
never forget his death, that changed black metal scene more than Euronymous' death did.
in memory of a legend.
Dead is simply a legend.
nothing else to say.
by countess_Grishnackh August 21, 2009