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Means extremely funny, it's meant to replace the word "LOL". It was founded by Andrew The Intern (From the beat 9.45) and his friends. Its going to be the next viral word!
1. Guy: That's so funny I'm dead

2. Girl1: omg that's dead
Girl2: what is?
Girl1: this picture..
Girl2: hahaha im dead
by T3ddyB3ar September 14, 2011
1 1
Gone and never coming back.
I accidentally hung myself and i woke up in a hospital with everyone thinking it was a suicide attempt. Now everyone i loved is gone and my past life and dreams are dead.
by Curtis_Robert September 11, 2011
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Really fucking trashed. all the time. twice.
Dude 1: Hey man! Did you see Quack?
Dude 2: Yeah dude. That guy is Dead.
Quack: Whoo!! Yeah!!! *Bong hit*
by Flying_Squirrel November 24, 2008
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1. sleep
2. lazy
3. having little or no money
1. I called Joe this morning after we went out last night, he didn't answer.... he prolly dead.

2. I was going to the gym, but I was dead boy!!!

Greg: You coming out with us tonight son?

Vic: Man I'm dead like fred!
by dtrizzle August 11, 2008
1 1
1. when people stop posting on a chat board.

2. also deaded, as if you think you killed the board with your presence
1. whoa this board is dead

2. i deaded the board again. everyone must hate me. i'd better go listen to some goth music
by not illiterate March 31, 2005
4 4
Beavis:damnit bunghole if you dont shut up ill kill you
Butthead:beavis that thing is already dead
BEavis:oh yeah
by John Fru June 12, 2004
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this is dead boring
this is dead boring
by Bob October 25, 2003
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