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1. What you are when-

-you get too old
-you bleed too much
-you get poisoned

-you get too hot or cold
-you listen to Justin Bieber
1. People die when they are killed


Wanda: Hey I can't go to the park my grandmas dead
Cara: oh that's a bummer how'd she die
Wanda: Justin Bieber was playing on the radio and she didn't have her earplugs
by SongGirl August 28, 2013
To get absolutely shit-faced(drunk)
Hey man let's go get dead tonight

You were straight dead last night
by askilll December 31, 2009
1) to no longer breathe, have a pulse, or being unable to continue to be alive.
2) refering to something that is no longer cool or good. Or that has never been.
3) in trouble, started as an exaggeration but now is completely literal
4) electronic that no longer works
5) anything that no longer works or is broken
6) anything that you can't figure out how to use and you want to blame the thing
1) My dog is dead
2) I wish I hadn't gone, that was so dead.
3) When my girlfriend finds out I'm gonna be so dead.
4) My phone is dead.
5) Dude, my hand died!
6) Dammit I hate my laptop it is totally dead!
by jmuhahaha March 13, 2008
word that means
1your not moving anymore,
3your just "there."
1:"whoah a dead guy
me:"holy crap... hes got 50 bucks in his pocket, score!"
2:dude, your an hour late to pick up your chick? your so DEAD.
3:man that stoner over there is lying like a dead guy
by drone248 April 26, 2008
A slang word for marijuana.
Are you holding dead?

Got some pure high quality dead.
by [Tommy.F][Infamous][K ! D] March 27, 2007
the condition resulting when a male with a huge member shags the life out of a chick.
i shagged the chick and she was dead. The end
by Fricky Naughty March 07, 2005
no fun
dude, this girl won,t come out of their house... maybe she's dead!
by curved shit August 15, 2003