other products added to drugs to increase the supply and maximize revenues
If you buy 7 grams of coke and put 3 grams of cut in it, you now have 10 grams of coke
by the chef November 10, 2002
Australian slang for angry/mad.
Person 1: Shit I'm dead, my parents are really cut at me.

Person 2: That sucks bro.
by CrazyBob679 December 11, 2012
a) Half of a cigarette

b) An incision in the skin

c) to slice something with an object
a) "Yo tryna cut me that bouge"

b) "Ow, I cut myself shaving"

c) I'm gonna cut off your head with scissors, slowly and painfully
by ThatRussianGuy1001 January 28, 2011
1. Used to describe rare or uncommon items, methods, or techniques that result in simplifying or improving any given experience. Essentially, a shortened version of 'shortcut'

2. An area, generally near or within a public location, where a person or a group of people can go to undertake activites in relative privacy.
Item: "Dude, my new cell phone is cuts."
Method: "Taking the sidestreets is only cuts during rush hour."
Technique: "Your joints are ugly cause you don't know cuts."

Area: "Go around to the back. It isn't cuts to do that here"
by kilogrammar August 13, 2006
Cut or Cutiin'.
To leave or leaving.
Derived from East End (London) gang culture in the 21st century, specific to the organised crime faction known as The Firm.
"When are you cuttin'?"
by Dr. P. Robbins March 14, 2005
to cut yourslef ; cutter is someone that cuts. Very common among highschool students.
Dan:Do you cut?
Kate: Yea it helps me deal with problems

Kate is a cutter.
by Eduard November 29, 2003
Adj. Shocking; messed up; screwed up; fucked; unreal.
John: Dude, Dave just tore his hand off!
Ed: Holy shit man! That's fucking cut!
by jsavage18 January 04, 2014

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