when you can tell someone has black in them. bi-racial people have cut in them. to be part black.
That girl thinks she's white, but you can tell she has cut up in her
by DadaC October 03, 2013
To Leave
You Cut Yesterday Night
by g-boy11 June 05, 2011
A commonly used abbreviation, generally over text messages, for see you then. Replacing see with "c" and you with "u"
Jane: Meet outside in 10 minutes?

John: Sure, c.u.t.!
by abbrevgirl October 20, 2009
Means to leave a place, exit.
Yo b, lets cut.
by DJ_Fudge September 24, 2009
A term to describe a remote area that is either hidden, distant, or both. It is used to describe a place that not many people hang around or a shortcut. These types of places are primarily sketch (i.e. - a forest).
Homeboi - "Ay man let's spark up a blunt on this here bench"
Baller - "Nah b too many heads let's go post up in the cuts past them bushes up ahead"
by cantbrushthis August 25, 2009
To diss or put down someone through a insult named a "cut."
"Yo, I heard that you put your house on ebay, what did you put it under, 4 by 4 box?"

"Son, he just cut!"
by TheHockeyMan March 03, 2009
an oldsmobile, a cutlass, or a cutlass supreme
dem boys rolled up in da cut
by crunchy black June 19, 2006

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