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6 definitions by DadaC

when your cock doesn't get erect from drinking or prescription drugs and it feels like playdough to girls
Oh my god... we were making out, and I reached in his pants and he had playdough dick.
by DadaC October 01, 2013
a girl with a nice tight butt
That girl standing in line has a nice little cookie duff
by DadaC October 01, 2013
a girl who's eyes are slightly crossed, but she's still cute. I had a dog named lola bear who looked slightly cross eyed, so now when me and my brother see a girl who looks like that we call her a lola bear
That girl over there is still cute, even though she's a lola bear.
by DadaC October 12, 2013
In high school football when players from different school districts converge to one school to make the sports team better. They stack the teams with good players from other distriicts
You see the same high school football teams in the championship games because the coaches and parents are stacking the team with all the good players from neighboring school districts.
by DadaC October 04, 2013
when you can tell someone has black in them. bi-racial people have cut in them. to be part black.
That girl thinks she's white, but you can tell she has cut up in her
by DadaC October 03, 2013
when a guy's hair is bald on top with hair on the sides, like Bozo the Clown
George Jefferson had a bozo cut.
by DadaC October 03, 2013