to leave from some where
Man 1: Bro there's a fight

Man 2: Fuck that lets cut
by Badd MANN January 25, 2009
The fatal gashes on the ass caused by butt sex gone awry, can lead to septic shock or death if poo penetrates the bloodstream.
Person 1: "Did you hear Margaret got the cuts?"
Person 2: "I'd give her three days at best..."
by The Reverend McCready January 30, 2008
to be excluded, rejected from:
1)Certain Event
2)Not haing something
3)Period of time
1)Throwing stuff at cars was fun, Derek's cut
2)Derek's cut from having a PS2
3)That weekend was awesome, Derek's cut
by Ben Dover June 05, 2005
the state of being high out of your mind
I was so cut last Tuesday, I smoked 5 grams of weed.
by laskndvie November 23, 2011
to leave.
Bro, this party is whack. Let's cut.
by hash69 November 24, 2010
A slang term used in the 412 for a bag of weed. Usually ranges from 20-30 dollars in price. It's very easy to pinch part of a cut.
Hey man, can I buy a cut off you?
You sellin' anything more than a dime? I got a cut.
by doc leper February 28, 2010
West PA term for an eighth of weed. In NW Pennsylvania, usually means chronic, kush, or beasters. In SW, its any old weed.
kid: You pushin any chronic lately?
dealer: Yea. 40 a cut.

kid 1:I reckons i better redden up this here cut.
kid 2:Aw, shucks, i sure do hate pickin out seeds!
by SiLeNcE_Do_GoOd February 07, 2010

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