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A verbal expression denoting that fate cannot be changed.

"Hey Mike did you sleep with that Lauren chick?"

"Yeah, Why?"

"You know she has herpes, right?"

"No way, Goddamn-it! I knew some-shit like this..."

"Haha! Deal. You really dealt. Let me take this time to chuckle to myself because you probably will be dealing for the rest of your insignificant fucking life with disfigured genitalia. Why don't you call the fucking whambulance while your at it you fucking douche? Do you smell that?"


"It smells like pussy, fuck-face. And you know what, I don't give a flying fuck what the fuck happens to you because your a flat out utter cunt. Deal bitch!"

"Thanks for the support, bro."
by The Chuckle Monster October 27, 2008
in air traffic control , when two planes get too close together.
fuck , did you hear jason just had a deal working the departures ?
by vector victor May 29, 2010
The act of accepting the way things are.
"WAAAH! Avril is making music!"
by Anonymous February 26, 2003
Hooking up with someone of your interest.
Also can be the process of getting with someone.
Yo dude, get deals with Jen, she's a babe!
by King Deals August 02, 2011
1) An agreement.

2) To give out cards to each player in a card game.

3) Problem.
1) They made a deal not to tell anybody about the board game results.

2) Gretchen was dealt a horrible hand, but she didn't fold, hoping to bluff others into giving up.

3) What's Leomard's deal? He won't even speak to me!
by Diggity Monkeez February 21, 2005
(n)Of, or relating to a personal possession. Can sometimes be pronounced "dealies"
"Dude, you touched my deals!"

"Give me back my deals!"
by Jordan January 09, 2005
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