anyone or anything that is ugly, raggedy, slump or cheap
dont look at me with yo crusty ass !
by k.whitee March 15, 2011
It's the old dried poop stain in your britches or on your ass that flakes off onto the toilet seat when you drop and squat.
Dude, you better use the other bathroom- Paulie just left crusties all over the seat.
by Tommy and Jim April 15, 2011
a word describing someone who is stale, salty, cranky, grouchy, grimy, crispy, crunchy, prickly, crotchety, crabby all at the same time; devoid of a nut. Someone who is crusty can only be cured by the following: 1. Get his/her nut 2. eat uncrustables 3. Throw a lip 4. rip cigs
Brian was crusty when he had to pull Natalie's dagger out of his back. John's sunburn inevitably led to him being crusty the whole night. Brian you're going to need to eat some uncrustables, because you are so crusty right now. When Erik and Conor are crusty, the result is beef. Conor was so crusty when his nut was unfulfilled.
by MPM38 May 12, 2010
The most fantastic versitile word in the world, can be used to describe something that is actually crusty and disgusting, as well as fantastic things that are so amazing and crustacular
"ewww that pile of dirty dishes in the sink is soooo crusty"
"wow we need to clean, our house is geting crusty"

"you are the crustiest person i know!"
by doggiestyle23 August 27, 2009
a weird/creepy person, or someone who is a bit 'crusty'.
that man is really crusty
by bottisham people October 23, 2012
A word often used at Pontiac Township High school:
To describe a lower class person, (Offensive) Someone who can't afford (Or just doesn't want to look like a TOOL) Aeropostal, and or Abercrombie, Hollister ect. Someone who looks as if they never bathe.

Someone who you assume smells, although you're always dodging them in the hallway for fear that your nostrils will fill with their putrid sent.

A word created by people who are, for lack of a better word, insecure about themselves.
"Oh, dude. That chick is so crusty!"
"Why? Just because she can't afford douchebag clothes like you?"
"That's crusty."
by Michael Pottttts February 17, 2011
Semi abusive discription of a traveler, Or a Wannnabe. Part of the New Agers, with their own music, Dress Sense, Lifestyle. opted out of mainstream society in the mid to late 80's traveling from place to place with the unforgetable dog-on-a-string acssory.
frist seen in the media in the 1985 battle of the beanfield. (UK)dispised by most of society including (and not to be confused with) Gypsies, Pykies, showmen, and tramps.
The 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act included legislation against their lifstyle.
The remaining one's get hounded by teenages, on the lookout for somene who might be able to spare/sell them Dope
The common Cry of: "Get That Fucking Dog Out of Here and Go With It You Crusty Get!" in between Glastonbery and Bristol Before the Summer Solstace.
by Marcus Gravy March 26, 2007

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