someone or something that is Disgusting Nasty Annoying or dirty
See that guy over there he's crusty.
by pimpingpartypalace August 19, 2012
-Negative connotation
1) The oppostie of fresh
2) Unstylish or poopy; often reffering to clothing or appearance
3) Uncool or informal; often rather unfitting into the category of awesome
4) Simply unawesome or mean; describing behavior or one's actions
"Bob has swag, he's very fresh. On the other hand, Fred is really akward and is rather crusty"

"His outfit was really crusty"

"I feel that franklin is a sort of social outcast and phariah, he's kind of crusty"

"The young man was so arrogant to other people, his actions were really crusty
by potatogirl4455 May 14, 2012
A term used in Philadelphia PA and Brigantine NJ. It means that something is bad. Used as an adjective. Opposite of Crispy
Man that movie was really crusty.
by CwC_Wegieman2 September 26, 2011
adj. Being nasty, gross, unpleasent, smelly, or just ugly
Man1: Hey guys!

Man2: Ewwww! Your so crusty dude!

Man1: I showered last week!
by Mexskimo February 12, 2011
Describes everything that is just... ew. One can be crusty when acting like an asshole or just plain dumb.
EW! That teacher is so crusty for giving us that test!
by nickiminajssazz December 26, 2010
being really, really, extremely bad at something (specifically FIFA world cup)
Im gonna beat your crusty self at FIFA this weekend
by catmeow76 November 18, 2010
Slutty, and skanky. A little bit trashy and not even classy. Gets around and is sort of a hoe.
"Did you hear about Sav? she's soooo crusty!" "Sydney looking crusttyyy"
by kcKCkc February 26, 2015

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