Semi abusive discription of a traveler, Or a Wannnabe. Part of the New Agers, with their own music, Dress Sense, Lifestyle. opted out of mainstream society in the mid to late 80's traveling from place to place with the unforgetable dog-on-a-string acssory.
frist seen in the media in the 1985 battle of the beanfield. (UK)dispised by most of society including (and not to be confused with) Gypsies, Pykies, showmen, and tramps.
The 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act included legislation against their lifstyle.
The remaining one's get hounded by teenages, on the lookout for somene who might be able to spare/sell them Dope
The common Cry of: "Get That Fucking Dog Out of Here and Go With It You Crusty Get!" in between Glastonbery and Bristol Before the Summer Solstace.
by Marcus Gravy March 26, 2007
When you just wake up and you're about to show the world your natural beauty. It's when you full on have crust in you eyes or the white crusty stuff on your lips and you basically look like a hot mess.
Amy, I'm soooo crusty on campus right now. Wearing the sweats and the greasy hair, I truly can't get crustier than this!
by jblooo February 20, 2014
A situation, person or action that is delightfully tacky, yet surprisingly refined and enjoyable.
After not shaving for even a day Ryan is as crusty as left over Taco Bell.
by stelo August 19, 2010
the gunk that forms in the corners of your lips after drinking a bottle of gatorade
No one said anything, so Billy played the whole game with red crustys on his face
by footballfiend5 February 07, 2009
noun ; when you see something that is disgusting
My teacher looks so crusty today..
by angel flowers March 07, 2014
Crusty means Sketchy or dangerous. It can mean not very well made or poorly constructed. It can also be used by saying something is not healthy.
I don't want to walk across that dock man, its pretty crusty.

(looking at the poorly constructed building)

Man: That's crusty...
by DillOlive September 30, 2011
A group of 4 or more bums.
I got hit up by an entire crusty of bums. Now I'm broke and out of cigarettes. Next time I'll avoid the crusty.
by junethug December 31, 2009

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