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EXTRA DESPERATE, wanting some attention from someone who doesn't want you
(Girl) *calling ex boyfriend*: Hey are you busy?
(Man): Um, yeah out kickin it with my girl.
(Girl) : Oh really, well I want you to know I still want you and when you get through playing with her, you know where home is

(Man): Look I'll have to talk to you later
(Girl): That's fine, I still love you
(Man) *hangs up*
(Girl): He know he wasup
(Man): I wish this girl would stop calling me, I told her it was over

*Man's new girlfriend* :She not thirsty that bitch dehydrated, and she need a tall glass of move tha eff on!
by Chyna Starr December 07, 2011
get dried...sober up after drinking.
johnny felt dehydrated after the party.
by Gá7 June 10, 2006
Being thirsty to a super extended level
Wanting that D so bad, some girls aint thirsty they are Dehydrated (D-Hydrated)
Wendy was so thirsty, she even asked her girls to help her out sealing the deal
Yeah that bitch aint thirsty anymore she is dehydrated, suffering from some serious D-hydration
by Teamwatchyourgirl October 29, 2013
Hungover. So said because common symptoms of a hangover can be attributed to the dehydrating effect of the alcohol in alcoholic beverages. Also supported by the fact that a large glass of water (or two) before bed after drinking can dramatically reduce hangover symptoms in the morning. Plus it sounds better to say "I'm dehydrated" than "I'm hungover."
"You look like you were out drinking last night."

"I'm dehydrated. Close that curtain and let me go back to sleep."
by hera-juno December 21, 2008