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An unreliable person. A procrastinator. A careless or lazy person. Dishonest and doesn't keep to their word. They'll tell you they're going to do one thing, and never do it. They'll tell you that they'll meet you somewhere, and show up an hour late or don't show up at all. Also spelled "flakey", or "flake" in the noun form.
She told me she would send me her pictures, but it's been 3 months and she hasn't sent me shit. She's flaky as hell.
by Theo Huxtable October 03, 2005
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Unreliable, characterized by not following through on agreed plans.
He's a straight shooter with upper-management written all over him.

Ooh, I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you on that. He's been acting real flaky lately.
by 6060606060 January 07, 2006
Often leaving friends behind and ditching them
Ian from Elkton is often considered the definition of Flaky.
by blesheet April 13, 2015
being socially adaptable in a way that compromises your self-worth.
Gina is a flaky person because she seemed so real talking to me at my place, but then she was ignoring me around her friends on the basketball team.
by Calvin K. February 15, 2007
The white people version for the term ashy .
Guy 1: Man, do you need some of my lotion? you're looking kinda ashy.

Guy 2: Am white, so that makes me flaky, not ashy.
by nightlover May 21, 2012
May be spelled "flakey." Noun form: "flake."

1. A person whose mannerisms, fashion, speech or personality is eccentric.
2. A person who ignores you for no valid reason.
3. A general negative connotation for any person, place or thing.
1. Tim is really flaky, he always talks about his shoes.
2. Did you hear about Charlie? Yea, her boyfriend just broke up with her so she's been acting flaky.
3. You don't want to go there, it's really flaky.
by Jennifer "Norma" C. September 28, 2005
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