One who resides in the state of Pennsylvania and smokes a lot of marijuana.

it can also be used as a verb "getting crusty"
Hey man, wanna get crusty today?

Hell yeah, you got your bong?
by i bet youre a whore January 29, 2009
the feeling the morning after a long night of heavy drinking
being dehydrated and hungover
the general feeling of crust
Spongebob and Patrick Star dried up on the beach aka they're crusty
by ayquela February 25, 2014
When somthin is crusty it is dry and flaky
spice:Gabs your face is crusty

Gabs : let me get my vasaline
spice: dat aint goin to help...
by Main_Sidechick February 25, 2014
A thirsty boy who has participated in a loving wank with his right hand resulting in a sticky mess which is then not washed off for at least 2 days
That girl made him crusty, he be crusting over her all night long
by Lady red January 05, 2014
Someone who has very dry, pasty lips.
"Damn nigga, you done got some crusty ass lips! You crusty ass, dry mothafuckin bitch!"
by 4(/ December 02, 2013
Originally meant to mean a nasty ass person who doesn't shower or brush their teeth although it's evolved to mean anybody who's just utterly horrifying and repulsive
"Look at Anthony over there, wearing 3 year old Jordans and a sweaty ass Fubu jacket. That nigga is so crusty"
by PJsmallz November 03, 2013
Something or someone that is ratchet and dirty.
Thomas is a crusty piece of crust.
by Manning10 September 04, 2013

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