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To be put in the pin, in the cell, jail cell.
Chris: Where's christian at?
Danny: Someone snitched him out and now he's locked up in the box
by ilickyousuck September 24, 2012
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In your coffin, i.e., dead and buried. A typical Irish dark humor reference to death.
I don't have a lot of money, but I gotta take a trip to Europe before I'm in the box.
by EmmLove January 17, 2013
having a girls legs open wide with her legs wrapped around. this is during eating her out
her legs were in the box so he could eat her out better
by ur_girls12345 December 12, 2011
Being shunned, usaually after doing something dumb
Cara tripped on air, so shes in the box
by TaiwanLover March 12, 2009
being high on marijuana, when you have no needs.
"I'm in the box, and feelin' it."
by ddawg5389 March 06, 2008

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