what many single-issue vetting hypocrites define themselves as being politically.
It's absolutely sickening, how the Bush Administration lied to us, as do most "Conservative" Republican Administrations - the murdering, the wars, the bribery, the theft, the lies, the coverups, a complete disregard for anyone or anything other than Profits - but, because they claim to be Pro-Life, i must vote for them if i'm gonna make it to heaven.
by bdawg1977 February 12, 2009
biblethumpers who hate freedom and love money
Conservatives: Away with abortion, free speech, and give guns to everyone! hail god yippe ke yay texas bacon
by ELITELIBERAL January 10, 2010
1. One who belongs to a silent majority group who, historically, is not concerned with voting in feeble opinion polls and ridiculous online word-bashing contests (See Presidential Election 2004, when nearly every major news network published "national" polls of John Kerry gaining the majority of votes from coast to coast. Note how when push came to shove this silent majority swept the election with a mandate...

2. One that typically exists to the right of the political spectrum, but by no means is required to be "far" in such direction. A conservative also recognizes the fact that when a decidedly "far-right" President is elected by marginal popular vote, the MAJORITY has spoken that it would even side with the extreme of one side to flee from the flimsy and weak views of the opposition.

3. An entity that understands that America was founded that its citizens may exercise individual freedoms without *government intervention; this right not the be misinterpreted that those with views dissimilar to the majority may resrict the fair practice of those in the majority, just that they may choose to believe differently without persecution. Unfortunately liberalism has yet to grasp this fundamental concept and would rather chase Christians with lawsuits than read a history book.

Reread these 3 definitions also if you have lost sight of the definition of the word patriot.
Conservatism is often twisted, bashed, and contorted by misguided liberals who would rather point fingers and pat each other on the back than actually doing something constructive.
by AllAmerican December 10, 2004
One who dislikes change and therefore progress. If any country, especially the United States, was governed by conservatives from the start, we'd all either be Nazis, dead, or back in the Dark Ages. Often marked by ati-humanitarian, selfish causes such as triumphing businesses over people, promoting Christian prayer in every situation, keeping hate alive by promoting war, and keeping deserving people out of one's country. The conservative has troubles thinking for his/herself, and follows whatever he/she is told. Conservatives have statistically been noted to be the least educated members of a populace.
Bastard: "I'm a conservative"
Me: "Sorry. I'll try to speak slower"
by Peace-Love-Unity October 25, 2003
1) Stereotypical, close-minded being of Abrahamic-Religious origins. Usually resistant to social change, and the freedom of practice. They may feel that their beliefs are morally right. He or she may believe in charity, and kindness, but it is usually applied to people of their own beliefs. Some may be selfish, and create conflict to change a national policy in their favor, without thinking about minorities, or the violation of a constitution.

2) Stereotypical non-intellectual, Southern American Citizen, "Redneck" for slang. Usually depicted as a white, Evangelical Christian, who supports hate-groups such as, the Ku Klux Klan, the National Socialist Party, or God Hates Fags. They are a menace to freedom.

3) One who believes that life should revolve around a book, rather than common sense, and individualism.
Not all Liberals or Conservatives are the same. But I see that many Conservatives are too judgmental, close-minded, and hateful of minorities, or people outside of their beliefs. Do you really want to be depicted as a barrier to social freedom? I am not some hippie on drugs, or a prostitute. I am an individual who feels for others, OUTSIDE of my religion, family, or race. The same goes for Atheists. You may think we worship Satan, but we believe Satan, or god does not exist. I try not to be too judgmental as well, but that is human nature. It is better to be independent from political parties. I am morally liberal, but I do not favor gun control.
by Joe Mcbob October 25, 2007
If you're a racial, ethnic, or religious minority living in the United States, these are the people most likely to take away your right or shoot you, due to their xenophobia of anyone who isn't a white conservative christian.
Those conservatives are about to hang the muslim because he said praise Allah.
by 198d January 19, 2011
"A conservative is someone who was born with two legs, but never learned to move forward"
conservatives will eventually die out
by alex14 August 28, 2006

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