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n. A general term for an elderly person or senior citizen. Derived from the word "Geriatrics" (A type of medicine prescribed to the elderly)
Man... for a geriatric... Brett Farve sure can throw that pigskin.
by Smurf September 29, 2008
One who wears their pants up to their armpits and thoroughly enjoys chasing youngsters off the lawn.
What is this geriatric talking about, and why is he trying to feed me hard candy?
by gator13 December 17, 2010
To be insane, stumble, stare at young womens breasts, dribble, incontent, smell of piss.
Oh my god, why do all the geriatric's have to come to the post office at lunch time instead of the other 7 hours in the day when I'm at work and they're doing nothing?
by ted_trippin January 26, 2005

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