1. One who belongs to a silent majority group who, historically, is not concerned with voting in feeble opinion polls and ridiculous online word-bashing contests (See Presidential Election 2004, when nearly every major news network published "national" polls of John Kerry gaining the majority of votes from coast to coast. Note how when push came to shove this silent majority swept the election with a mandate...

2. One that typically exists to the right of the political spectrum, but by no means is required to be "far" in such direction. A conservative also recognizes the fact that when a decidedly "far-right" President is elected by marginal popular vote, the MAJORITY has spoken that it would even side with the extreme of one side to flee from the flimsy and weak views of the opposition.

3. An entity that understands that America was founded that its citizens may exercise individual freedoms without *government intervention; this right not the be misinterpreted that those with views dissimilar to the majority may resrict the fair practice of those in the majority, just that they may choose to believe differently without persecution. Unfortunately liberalism has yet to grasp this fundamental concept and would rather chase Christians with lawsuits than read a history book.

Reread these 3 definitions also if you have lost sight of the definition of the word patriot.
Conservatism is often twisted, bashed, and contorted by misguided liberals who would rather point fingers and pat each other on the back than actually doing something constructive.
by AllAmerican December 10, 2004
Someone who spends money on the wrong things.
The conservatives keep pumping money into a country that is half a world away even though there are plenty of domestic issues to deal with.
by Tommy1234567890 April 24, 2008
See: Irony
I'm a conservative and therefore stand for wholesome family values despite the fact that my teenage daughter just had her first kid out of wedlock. ~ Sarah Palin
by Iceman4 May 14, 2010
cocksuckers of the earth.
someone who has a really hard time with two men or women being together. perhaps these conservatives were abused as children, or possibly just retarded.
by riverman March 05, 2008
Someone who usually holds "Christian" values but says and does the most un-christian things. One who thinks that the poor are poor because they are lazy and that the rich earned their success. One who fails to adapt to the present day. The type of person who hates Mexicans with a fiery passion and thinks all brown-skinned Hispanics are Mexicans. They type of person who is against same-sex marriage because it's not "traditional marriage" and denies any arguement against it. One who simply denies any arguement and labels the other person as a "dirty liberal." One who is in adoration of the 9/11 heroes but denies them benefits for what they did. A person who usually labels themselves as "pro-life" but supports war and doesn't want health care that everyone can afford. Usually borderline racist or very racist.

Conservative Motto: Never explain, Never apologize.
Bob: Hey! You're a dirty liberal!

Jim: Dirty? Why?

Bob: Because you stand for everything America isn't!

Jim: Isn't it "American" to help other people and ask for rights?

Bob: Well, um...well...uhhhhhhhhhh....

Jim: It appears you have lost this arguem-


Jim: Cutting me off and name-calling....Well well, aren't you mature? I thought Conservatives were mature?

(Pouts and stomps feet on ground)

Jim: Okay, when you're mature enough to carry on a conversation without name calling or cutting me off, come talk to me again.
by TheLeftBlade January 30, 2011
Note: from the standpoint of a liberal

Usually this word is directly affiliated with the Republican party. The way it is defined today means strict laws that favor the Bible and other older teachings, a group that opposes loose personal freedoms but favors loose economic freedoms. Pretty much, anybody who believes that the greater half of life is the work life.
Conservative can be used to describe liberals as well, because liberals favor loose personal freedoms but strict economic laws.

Here's some food for thought:
Democrats are more likely to be involved in scandals NOT INVOLVED with their jobs. Clinton is an example.
Republicans are more likely to be involved in scandals INSIDE their jobs. Tom DeLay is an example.
Above, above.

Type into Google: 2004 Election by IQ. It's pretty hilarious, and may be hard to swallow at first. Also type in '2004 Election by divorce rate' , '2004 Election by education level' , and anything you may find family or education oriented. Favors democrats, mostly New England where I live. More children are left behind in the Bible Belt than anywhere else in the country. Also, the two places that were attacked on Sept 11 are very heavily democratic, which is ironic when you think about it.

Conservative means something entirely different today than it did thrity years ago
by Diego D. A. May 30, 2006
A sick, sick person that hates human beings and tries to make it very hard for almost every class of people on Earth to survive. Conservatives want to put guns in the hands of every American, they try to force religion on uninterested people, they try to push religion into schools, they oppose universal healthcare, they oppose abortion, they oppose gay rights, they oppose helping the poor in any way (even though there usually rich and republican), they oppose stem cell research, they support the death penalty, they support tons of censorship, and much much more. Every conservative should be SHOT and KILLED.
Conservative: I only make $1,000,000 a year, why should I have to pay an extra $1000 a year to help poor people! It's not right!

by FelisCatusLover September 15, 2009
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