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People who, under the pretext of religion and false "moral truths" perpetuate their greed and gain in a free-market system by exploiting the poor and working to extinguish as many civil liberties as possible. They also typically label pacifists and intellectuals as "freedom haters" and other ridiculous bullshit.
Conservatives are just Nazis without armbands. They wear ties instead of Swastikas but they hate Jews and blacks and homosexuals openly.
by KosmikKrazyKat February 26, 2005
Someone who loves the 1800's too much.
That conservative likes things how they were in the 1800's, like no gay marriage.
a person that thinks "less is more" politics wise. Usually quietter when presented with a poll, and prefers to save money rather than spending it. Prefers to allow more freedom law wise (where I've lived and observed). Called Fascists by liberals (apparently). I use parentheses too much don't I? (don't send me your opinions)
That liberal is soooo wrong! He's a fascist.
I am a conservative.
The fear that someone somewhere, may be happy.
Conservatives believe in equality for all heterosexual, Christian white males.
by KevinM March 31, 2005
1. someone who believes in small government, except for censoring the internet, banning gay marriage, and making English the national language.

2. someone who thinks giving a single mom $10,000 a year in welfare will be a disincentive to work, but thinks letting a rich kid inherit $500,000,000 will make them a productive member of society.

3. someone who thinks that Jesus would oppose social safety nets and progressive tax plans

4. someone who thinks that young black men no longer face any real disadvantages in modern America, but still refuses to let their daughter marry one.

5. someone who thinks a 13 year old should be forced to carry her pregnancy to term, then tries to cut back on child-support enforcement so they can lower the capital gains tax.
A Reagan-era conservative Republican would say that the Emancipation Proclamation was an unwarranted government intrusion on a market system.
by VoiceOfReason June 06, 2006
Exactly what the Republican party is NOT these days. Conservatives believe in smaller federal government activity, states' rights, isolationism, stronger border control, protecting American jobs and nationalism.

The Republican party currently believes in greater government spending on social programs nad the military, federal supremacy over states' rights, intervention in foreign affairs, lax immigration policies and border control, outsourcing American jobs to the Communist Chinese.
Pat Buchanan

George W. Bush
by RepBast1984 February 04, 2006
People who want to destroy america by letting the poor starve in the streets while having little bitch fits about not getting there tax cuts.


gun toteing rednecks
conservatives: george bush is a gun toteing redneck who is letting the poor starve and making the rich richer

makes sense why some1 would do that
i mean
its brilliant
george bush is an idiot
by scottieee June 29, 2006