Most often members of the Republican Party in America.

Most often known as fucking nuts by the rest of the world.
Ohh, look at me! I'm a tree huggin, baby clubbin liberal! I can read and write! I care about people!

- conservative negative ad on liberals.
by rhcp18 February 18, 2010
The fear that someone somewhere, may be happy.
Conservatives believe in equality for all heterosexual, Christian white males.
by KevinM March 31, 2005
People who, under the pretext of religion and false "moral truths" perpetuate their greed and gain in a free-market system by exploiting the poor and working to extinguish as many civil liberties as possible. They also typically label pacifists and intellectuals as "freedom haters" and other ridiculous bullshit.
Conservatives are just Nazis without armbands. They wear ties instead of Swastikas but they hate Jews and blacks and homosexuals openly.
by KosmikKrazyKat February 26, 2005
a person that thinks "less is more" politics wise. Usually quietter when presented with a poll, and prefers to save money rather than spending it. Prefers to allow more freedom law wise (where I've lived and observed). Called Fascists by liberals (apparently). I use parentheses too much don't I? (don't send me your opinions)
That liberal is soooo wrong! He's a fascist.
I am a conservative.
Exactly what the Republican party is NOT these days. Conservatives believe in smaller federal government activity, states' rights, isolationism, stronger border control, protecting American jobs and nationalism.

The Republican party currently believes in greater government spending on social programs nad the military, federal supremacy over states' rights, intervention in foreign affairs, lax immigration policies and border control, outsourcing American jobs to the Communist Chinese.
Pat Buchanan

George W. Bush
by RepBast1984 February 04, 2006
biblethumpers who hate freedom and love money
Conservatives: Away with abortion, free speech, and give guns to everyone! hail god yippe ke yay texas bacon
by ELITELIBERAL January 10, 2010
what many single-issue vetting hypocrites define themselves as being politically.
It's absolutely sickening, how the Bush Administration lied to us, as do most "Conservative" Republican Administrations - the murdering, the wars, the bribery, the theft, the lies, the coverups, a complete disregard for anyone or anything other than Profits - but, because they claim to be Pro-Life, i must vote for them if i'm gonna make it to heaven.
by bdawg1977 February 12, 2009
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