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(i) Wi-Fi Protected Access
(ii) World Pool-Billiard Association

See Also:
WiFi (Definition by Dave)

Some other words which uses WPA:
Waterfowl Production Areas
Waste Planning Authority
Windows Product Activation
Works Public Administration
With Particular Average
Water Protection Area

<Shinosuke> I am a member of WPA.
<Person1> Wha? WiFi...?
<Shinosuke> hint: m3h == Pool Player.
* Person1 ignores the dumbass.
<Shinosuke> ... whatever.
by Shinosuke October 13, 2004
West Palo Alto. Home to the East Meadow gang. The two high schools in WPA are PALY and GUNN. PALY is where you wanna go, while GUNN is like a all gay school where stright people get bullied over thier sexual oriantation.
Person 1: " Yo man EPA is where its at"
Person 2: "Nigga, you know WPA is where its one fucks with the East Meadow Gang!
by WPA June 21, 2011
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