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A person who suffers from Pedophilia; that is, an adult who is sexually attracted to children.

Pedophilia is a mental disorder, not a sexual orientation or lifestyle choice. Specifically, it is a Paraphilia. The Paraphilias are characterized by recurrent, intense, sexual urges, fantasies, or behaviors that involve unusual objects, activities, or situations. Other examples of Paraphilias are Exhibitionism, Fetishism, Sexual Masochism, and Sexual Sadism.

Terms like "pedosexual" are misnomers and nothing more than political activism on the part of organized groups of pedophiles attempting to legitimize and legalize their abuse and predation of children.
Bob is is a pedophile because he is sexually attracted to little girls.
by Ed January 20, 2005
a really dark skinned black person with strong negroid features (ie. big lips, wide nose, nappy hair)
1. in the spike lee movie "school daze" the light skinned sorority sisters refer to the darker sisters of a different sorority as ugly "jiggaboos"

2. this is taken from an alpha kappa alpha sorority chant:
" Zeta Phi Beat
As weak as a flea
Belong in a zoo
Uh, those jiggaboos "
by ed June 09, 2003
Crazy hot girl. Beautiful, smart and funny; Lori posesses atributes absent in 99.9% of women. Truly a lucky find. Plus she rocks.
Yooooooooo Lori is so hot,... damn.
by ED February 16, 2005
1. the substitution of a milder, vaguer word or expression for one considered to be offensive or unpleasant.
2. the word or expression so substituted.

"Put to sleep" is a euphemism for "kill".
by ed January 19, 2003
Mexican gone white, brown on the ouside white on the inside.
Justin is a Coconut
by Ed April 07, 2004
Across the Potomac from DC,this is one of the wealthiest, smallest counties in the country,where some of the best schools are located, it makes Fairfax and the OC look like shit, and by far the sweetest place to live. In the southern part of the county, many minorities can be found along with sports fields. It also has it own transportation sysytem--the ART busses.Parts of it are getting to look more and more like NYC (rossylyn, ballston)and 95% of kid's parents work in DC, making a shitload of money. Arlington dominates the region in sports especially those PATRIOTS from Yorktown High School. Where small colonial houses are being replaced more and more by those ugly ass mansions which leave even smaller yards to utilize. It's also home to the PENTAGON-which in fact is NOT in DC. It's also where if you're a Republican, you are a tiny minority who has no say in anything and should hightail it to somewhere else in the state besides Northern Virginia.7 out of 10 eligible ppl voted for Kerry or Gore here and where everyone takes DC for granted, but still keeps the 'Skins faith going.
Person A: Oh,so yo'ure a redneck, confederate, illiterate, Republican from VA?
Arlingtonian: No, I'm from Arlington...
by Ed January 27, 2005
the founder of gangsta rap, although he sent out some intelligent messages with it about ghetto conditions, drugs, pimping, etc.
Half these gangstas today wouldn't be able to look Ice-T in the face
by Ed August 28, 2003

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