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2 definitions by smart_liberal

One who believes that the rights of the state come before the rights of the people. Generally, people who are conservative are against gun control, abortion, and gay marriage. However, the particular set of beliefs is dependent upon the specific person.
In contrast, smart liberals like to promote equality, as well as helping others.
Conservative: I is smart
Liberal: Sure my ignorant friend.

Otto von Bismarck, Prime Minister of the German Confederation, tried to end the influence of Karl Marx and socialism. Ironically, his efforts only made the Socialists stronger.

by smart_liberal March 16, 2008
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Restriction fragment length polymorphism, a.k.a. RFLP's.
Analyzes differences in restriction fragments of DNA by using a nucleic acid probe.
CSI MIAMI uses RFLP to determine if the suspects DNA matches the DNA found at the crime scence.

Horatio Kane- Well, it looks like we have found a match.
Killer- Oh no, I should have worn gloves when I killed the victim. I am stupid.
by smart_liberal March 16, 2008
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