The absence of heat.
The physics lab experiemented with the concept of cold.
by Ron_Thornbrash May 19, 2005
Straight up, exactly without lying
Not cool, stooped to a new low level of respect (Cold Blooded)
Low temperatures
Common cold
A hard rock band
We just hangin out; cold chillin
Why'd you have to go and kick Jimmy in the nuts? That was cold
Yo it's cold as fuck outside
I stayed home from school today 'cause I got a cold
Did you go to the new Cold concert?
by Randy [blur] Robbins February 24, 2006
Absence of heat.
The ice melts, too much heat?; or missing cold?
by Proveedor de Tamagotxis March 22, 2010
The highest degree of coolness. Containing no traits of uncoolness.
Dat boy is just so cold.
by Jason November 11, 2003
Somebody who looks good.
Man she cold
by jewelmonique April 27, 2011
Harsh and unfriendly.
The lady next door was rather cold,so we all avoided her.
by SomeoneNew June 01, 2011
AKA Hell for a Week, The Cold is an infectious illness that is caused by coughing, sneezing, and not washing hands. It spreads like wildfire amoing people in grades K-12 and gives you a clogged nose, sore throat, and sometimes a headache. It doesn't sound that bad, but holy shit does it suck.
Ben: Hey Brian why do you look so bad?
Brian: I was up all night blowing my nose and coughing because of the stupid ass cold I have.
by qqq1123 August 27, 2013

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