Cold means to be more than cute and more that sexy its kind of like calling someone a dime..
Fred did you see that girl that just walked passed? she was COLD....
by Rakeem June 09, 2005
Slang term for get down on some fat ass lines of llello (yayo)
Dude 1: "hey man, you wanna come over to my place and get cold?"

Dude2: "Fuck yea man, Im down for an 8-ball"
by TastyRocks October 20, 2010
a lame-ass excuse for not wearing enough clothing
"im cold"
(translation) im only wearing (undergarments suitable to gender) and socks
by Jones Marmel March 17, 2009
it another word for fresh or new fo all out thurr who dont kno wat anotha word fo fresh is
that whip right thurr is cold!
by Jennifer July 24, 2004
when you know something really well
I know that chemistry chapter like cold
by cold August 31, 2003
1) The state of being the oopsite of hot.

2) Descibing something that wasn't nessacary to say, said to just hurt someone.
1) BRR Im cold

2) Brad- "You're just a fat pimple faced whore no one wants you"

Tommy-"Hey man, that was cold".
by Maybelline February 18, 2006
Popular adverb amongst street youths, particularly in Urban areas of England.
"DO you think that car is cool, Jimmy?"
"Nah blad, it's cold!"
by Coolie Kid June 11, 2008

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