AKA Hell for a Week, The Cold is an infectious illness that is caused by coughing, sneezing, and not washing hands. It spreads like wildfire amoing people in grades K-12 and gives you a clogged nose, sore throat, and sometimes a headache. It doesn't sound that bad, but holy shit does it suck.
Ben: Hey Brian why do you look so bad?
Brian: I was up all night blowing my nose and coughing because of the stupid ass cold I have.
by qqq1123 August 27, 2013
Cold is not a real thing. It is the absence of heat.
I'm cold.
by I am a person. Who are you? November 19, 2011
Something that Canada always is
Canadian1:Damn it's colds today

Canadian2: we live in Canada when is it ever not
by 711_shocks December 08, 2013
1. to show no emotion
2. (in bed) not responding to anything
1. I gave her a gift, but her response was cold.
2. She was cold, and it turned me off
by paeNiik February 06, 2010
see tight, fresh, aweX0m3c0rE
That new hoodie is cold, man!
by skrudge January 11, 2008
1. A temperature that feels ths opposite of hot.
2. Symbolic for death (mainly in music)
3. Mean, cruel, uncaring, unempathetic
4. Numb
5. Sociopathic
"Everyday we all get colder"- Lostprophets
by Celestasia May 09, 2005
meth, crystal meth
Man I feel rough. Need to score some cold to pick me up.
by Satia September 02, 2014

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