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Another word for there.
I like the way she moves her ass right thurr
by Dillio June 20, 2003
Another way of saying "there" made popular by the ever ignornant rapper, Chingy.
I like the way you move it right thurr.
by Daniel M. Sherman November 04, 2005
This word was derived from both middle english and contemporary jive talk. The -thu comes from the old "thou" which is, of course, "you". The -rr is added in modern english to complete the word. Altogether the word "thurr" means "I like your place right there", referring to a specific body part, usually the abdominal area of a female.
"I like yo ass right thurr, bitch!"
"Nice panties up thurr, ho"
by L-Shiznit February 23, 2005
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