Cold was a rock band that started in 1986. They released 4 cd's: Cold, 13 ways to bleed on stage, year of the spider, and a different kind of pain. They also released an ep called Oddity. The band consisted of lead singer Scooter Ward, Matt Louhgran, Zachary Gilbert, both guitarists, Jeremy Marshall on bass, and Sam McCandless on drums. Former members included Mike Booth, Sean Lay, Terry Balsamo, Kelly Hayes and Eddie Rendini.
On February 27, 2006, Ward left a message on their official website saying they had disbanded. However, he said he and Sam will continue writing music.
Cold was a great rock band. It's a damn shame alot of people didn't know about them.
by Adrian March 14, 2006
An infectious disease that usually spreads like wildfire around people, because people don't give a shit worth about others. They would yawn cough and not wash their hands properly to prevent others from catching the cold. If you catch a fucking cold, don't cough, cover your fucking mouth, and if you go to either 1-12 grades, go to the back of the class, and don't spread your fucking cold.
John: <Coughs a shit load, and doesn't give a shit if he spreads it to others>

Matthew:"Dude..someone could catch your cold"

John: "Oh but I am sick so..that's my bullshit excuse, so i'm going to keep coughing to relieve myself, and spread my many cold viruses to the people around me because I am a self centered fuck taard.
by UrbanPreacher October 03, 2007
Pretty, beautiful, hot
She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, but all those girls are cold from down south.
by Robbie B. Knight April 26, 2008
One kick ass but unrecognized rock band. Very meaningful and original music.
No example available for this item.
by Cold Army April 05, 2005
heartlessss, feels no remorce
dat nigga is cold he dun shanked his own momma
by nigger jon October 07, 2006
A New Jack word started in the mid to late 80's and used all the way through the early 90's. A verb modifier that refers to a state of deliberate sauveness and typically used in describing felonious acts.
Lyric from A Tribe Called Quest

"Somebody broke into my ride and COLD macked it"
by ppo7667 October 24, 2007
Something that is really nice. Can be used to discribe an attractive female. Also used to describe a excellent play, normally in sports.
"oohh nigga did u see that cold ass girl walk by!?" or "Ayo, lebron just had a cold ass dunk."
by RossTheeBoss August 31, 2008
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