a male child - usually around the age of young adolesence - who has a string of active old(er) men interested in him for sexual satisfaction.

Although the child is usually sexuallypassive. He controls the relationships and exploits them for whatever material items he can have purchased for him by the old(er) male
Of course I'm a cockmaster. How else do you think I can have three holidays a year, jewelry and an Ipod while working at MacDonalds!
by Garito August 11, 2004
Person who raises roosters for fun, profit and possibly illegal fighting and betting.
What did you think it meant?
by Luigi August 10, 2004
A person who gets cock a lot.
A gay person is a cockmaster.
by j03 April 08, 2004
someone who masturbates a lot and becomes master of their cock.
Steve began masturbating at a young age and now at age 30 he is truly a cockmaster.
by Anonymous April 17, 2003
the art of mastering the cock
john is a big raging cockmaster, he loves biting the D!
by daniel attaway January 08, 2003
Noun. A huge weiner drawn in any public surface as dusty rear windows, bathrooms or anyone's face while passed out.
"Man, I drew a gigantic cockmaster in Randall's forehead"
by Ademar May 02, 2007
An insult commonly used to insuate that a man is homosexual.
I can't beleive Bill did that to me. Bill's a cock master.
by P S June 29, 2006
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