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Someone who is good at everything, master at nothing... Worldly traveler, Dashing good looks but relies on his personality, humor and wit much more.... International Gentleman of Leisure... Great to be around.... Party doesnt start until Terrance arrives.. Smells Great Always....
I can tell that guy is a "Terrance".....
by Terrance Wanna Be February 07, 2010
a pretty boy. dosent have to try hard to get much,so keep yo girl friends close by.
by Bnomes June 03, 2009
Usually a dam Kappa. Pretty as hell. Overly attractive. Loves MILFs; Cocky, Conceited; loves getting head; very professional, usually leads by example.
People are often jealous of the social status of a Terrance.
Man, if I could be Terrance when I grow up!
by Loos3 Kannon February 03, 2010
A guy everyone wants to be friends with. He's pretty funny. Great style is his middle name. Terrance is the kind of person you would want to listen to music with on the bus. He is the worst dancer on the planet but he has confidence about his dancing. He is pretty cute. He can be mean at times but will be there for you when needed. If you meet a Terrance, befriend him. He also has a large booty. Terrance is the biggest hipster you'll ever meet.
Have you met that guy Terrance? He's kinda cool.
by Alyssa aka bootytoostrong December 05, 2013
Someone who likes to slack off at work.
Someone who puts peoples names in for amusement is a Terrance.
by TVTuner October 04, 2005
1. Idiotic
2. Self-Centered
3. Confusing
4. Confused
5. Egotistical
6. Conceited
7. Musical
7. South African (he's white)
8. Clueless
9. Addicted to Caffeine

10. Annoying
11. Can't spell worth crap!
12. Dorky
13. Kinda Ginger
14. Religious
15. Dense
Chelsea Poe: "See that guy with the glasses in the choir room with an acoustic guitar on his lap and almost ginger hair?"
Felicia House-Lopez: "Yeah, he's a Terrance."
by FeliChels July 26, 2011
1.A lazy, good for nothing lame, who thinks his shit don't stank, but really smells like woo hoo hoo
2.A guy who thinks he put down the business, but did not do shit
Hey, I was out with guy last night, we ended up fucking, but he was terrance , I'm never talking to him again
by fed up women March 06, 2011
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