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What you're not. Although it may seem like there is nobody there who cares about you, who is like you, or can be a friend to you, there is someone miles and miles away who would like to be there with you if they knew you were calling.
This is a message to all of the lonely and depressed people out there on their computers, reading definitions of words they're feeling in hopes to find some comfort, if only for a short while. Regardless of whether you're reading this in five weeks or in five years, and regardless of whether I'm still browsing this site regularly or dead in a car crash, just know that tonight, I was feeling very lonely, crying out for you.

You're not alone. I'm not alone. We're not alone.
by Somenobody June 21, 2007
1.) An emotional feeling you get when you feel that there is no one there to support you or, sometimes, love you.

2.) A physical feeling you get when there is no other prescence of a human being in the same room.
1.) Ever since my friend moved away, I feel so alone.

2.) When my dog left the room, I was beginning to feel alone.
by Arley June 13, 2004
What I am on the inside. Even in a large crowd, I am alone on the inside.
My loneliness really is killing me.
by Zach G. November 23, 2003
a confusing definition. Keep your head up, because soon, you won't be so alone, and you'll feel silly, because all along, someone out there wanted to see you smile. also a sad definition, when you look at all these people defining alone as themselves, but the truth is, they're all loved, and so are you. So smile, even if you don't want to, because someone out there is dying to see how beautiful it is.
when you're sitting alone physically, but even though you don't know it, someone is really wanting to sit beside you and hug you and comfort you and tell you it'll all be okay.

And for the people who want to give this a thumbs down because it was "a fuckload of bullshit" or however you feel like putting it, I feel kind of bad for you.
by thanksforreadingmyname :P June 03, 2009
a disorder marked by habitual masturbation where the only fluid leaving your body is tears
Since that bitch left me I've been so alone.
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